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Universal LED Offroad Lights

Wiring Off-Road Lights: How to Install Off-Road Lights

Would you like to equip your off-road vehicle with an additional light beam? It considers selecting some driving lights at that point. Installing off-road lights is easier than it seems! Installing off-road lights yourself is pretty straightforward. Asking an engineer or mechanic for assistance is only necessary if you want to.

We've put together a guide here to assist you if you're looking at powerful driving lights and want to know how to wire offroad lights. Before you purchase any new parts for your car, make sure to educate yourself on how to install off-road lights!

Off-Road Light Installation: The Basics

You must carefully consider the placement of your off-road lighting before beginning the wiring process. Is it better for them to go up high or low?

Since you'll have to cooperate with the road administration, your choice should usually be based on the state in which you drive. Off-road lights currently qualify as vehicle modifications for which you may need permission. Checking is usually a good idea.

Generally speaking, top off-road lighting kits include every part you require. This might be true, so watch out for light mount bars and wire harnesses. You may need them to safely install your driving lights. Examining your car's electrical schematic might also be a brilliant idea.

Your car's manufacturer may provide you with a wiring diagram. You may also have one saved with your other driving documents if you are well-prepared. Having a roadmap makes sense if you are genuinely concerned about setting these lights up correctly.

How to Install Driving Lights

The process of installing off-road lighting varies depending on the vehicle and kit. Nonetheless, a few universal installation guidelines for off-road lighting apply to different kits, manufacturers, and 4x4 cars.

  • First and foremost, you ought to remember to glance at your dash. Since installing this will be your top priority, find a location where you can easily reach the light switch itself.
  • If you have a wiring map, check it out. Any indication of an AUX switch installation should be sought. Investigating the dashboard may make it clear, but don't worry too much. If drilling becomes necessary, ensure your warranty permits you to do it.
  • After that, you must mount your light relay. You must place this in the area of the engine and battery. It must, however, be kept away from any critical engine locations. It is much better to have it close to the battery.
  • Next, you must check that the relay and chassis are wired correctly. Here is where you should locate a grounding point that must be distinct and unambiguous.
  • Return to the dash after that. You need to connect the wiring from the switch you drilled in earlier to the headlamp at this point. The firewall must be accessed, and you must determine which of the lamp's wires is the high beam.
  • Join the high beam with your switch wire.
  • After that, you'll need to connect an appropriate wire from the relay back through the firewall to the dash and the lights. Remember that your lights must be grounded to the body or chassis, which will act as a negative/ground connection.
  • Next, attach wiring between the battery and relay using a fuse. At that point, you can safely test your new off-road lights. You can tighten up and close up after adjusting the power if you'd like.

Which Off-Road Light is Best?

The best off-road lights for you depend on your driving needs and what a trusted brand has available.

Look at different types of offroad lights before figuring out how to connect them. LED light bars, LED light pods, and LED fog lights are a few of the most well-liked choices. Each has a different function, a different power output, and a different experience. Although they are among the most expensive, LED light bars are among the most popular for off-roading.

Ideally, it would help if you researched the off-road lights you are contemplating in terms of their wattage, power ratings, and lumen output. These traits will help you understand the beam's strength and power usage from your car's power source.

The most excellent off-road light alternatives are not limited to one or two choices. As you can see, we provide a vast range of various brands and manufacturers, so many options are available to you. 


Learning to install and wire off-road lights doesn't have to be complicated. Since an engineer isn't strictly necessary for this task, consider getting some tools and having a closer look at it to save money, time, and trouble!

View our extensive selection of wiring kits and off-road lighting. Don't worry if any of the above seems unclear; things get much more straightforward once you start. You may become an expert at installing your own 4x4 improvements and modifications!