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Toyota Tacoma (1995-2004)

One of the most well-known automakers in the world is Toyota, and one of their best-selling cars is the Tacoma. Although it's a high-quality vehicle that can handle the task, the Tacoma has advanced significantly. By continuing to read, discover the fascinating background of the Toyota Tacoma and some potential future projections.

First Generation (1995–2004)

Toyota debuted the Tacoma in the US market for the first time in 1995. Before the Tacoma, Toyota's standard pickup truck was the Hilux, also called the Toyota Pickup in the US. Although the Hilux was an excellent pickup vehicle, Toyota intended the Tacoma to be different. With the Tacoma, Toyota gave the following more consideration:

  • Ride quality
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Overall handling

Although the vehicle had a smaller payload capacity, the Tacoma outperformed the Hilux in terms of driving enjoyment. Most people in the US and Canada liked trucks for personal use, but some workers may have liked the Hilux more. Commercial and agricultural sectors continued to use the Hilux, or they looked into alternative heavier-duty pickup versions.

Toyota introduced the fifth Hilux in 1989 and began working on the Tacoma in the same year. Even though Toyota spent much time creating the Tacoma, it could have been flawless.

It received some updates shortly after its release. Toyota switched to flush headlamps from recessed sealed beam headlamps. Later, Toyota changed to distributor-free ignitions, longer rear leaf springs, and modified the tailboard and front grilles.

It's interesting to note that the Tacoma has been around so long that the passenger-side airbag was absent from the first models. Toyota didn't add the passenger airbag and deactivate the driver-side airbag until 1997.

Toyota offered different versions of the Tacoma, including 4WD, 2WD, PreRunner, and S-Runner models. These variants' trims differed slightly in appearance, while the engine and gearbox were different.

Drivers across the market loved the first-generation Tacoma mainly because of its durability. But as the car became older, its worst flaw—poor rustproofing—became apparent. Around 2008, Toyota started recalling these older Tacomas to replace the frames because of severe frame corrosion.

Second Generation (2004–2015)

Toyota started developing the second generation of the Tacoma not long after it launched the first generation. Toyota didn't reveal the next generation Tacoma—a more potent and substantial vehicle—until 2004. At the time, manufacturers were making other pickup trucks that were larger than the new Tacoma.

There were many types of Toyota Tacoma available, which made it a popular option for people looking for a car. Toyota offers 18 different combinations of cabs, transmissions, and engines to meet the needs of all drivers.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) supercharger kits are available aftermarket, and they were first introduced with the first generation of Toyotas. This package increased horsepower, included a seventh fuel injector, and came with a new electronic control unit (ECU). They later unveiled the TRD Off-Road bundle. Upgrades were made to these packages for the second-generation Tacoma, catering to off-road enthusiasts and those seeking improved on-road performance.

In 2015, as the second generation's production ended, Toyota also introduced the TRD Pro package for its 2015 vehicles. With the addition of new shocks, this update increased front lift and made it simpler to mount larger all-terrain tires. In addition, the TRD Pro came with stylish additions including a matte-black grille, a cat-back exhaust system, and TRD-badged interior components.

Unfortunately, serious rust problems persisted in this Toyota Tacoma model despite all the new improvements. Toyota would issue recalls to try and stop this rusting with updated steel frames.

Third Generation (2015–Now)

Although the second generation Tacoma was well-liked, the third model was introduced by Toyota eleven years later. Toyota used specific styling cues from the Tundra and 4Runner for this generation, giving the Tacoma a new tailboard, a more prominent grille, and an integrated spoiler.

The Tacoma's interior saw significant changes in addition to its design. The Tacoma's interior was significantly roomier, featured better-insulated doors and weather stripping, and included a giant touchscreen display, just like many other cars from this era. Additionally, Toyota swapped out many of the hard plastic inside components for soft-touch materials.

This vehicle's significant power increase sets it apart from its earlier versions. Fuel efficiency increased with adding a new 3.5-liter V6 engine in specific variants, allowing the car to travel significantly farther on less gas. Along with the technical upgrades, there were also some fantastic safety feature additions. For example, Toyota introduced adaptive cruise control in 2018. Although this new generation has plenty to enjoy, Toyota's potential still needs to be explored.

The Future?

What does the Toyota Tacoma's future hold, then? Compared to its older peers, the eight-year-old most recent generation has experienced fewer mechanical problems. Although it appears that Toyota has resolved the rusting problem, what will happen going forward? Since the Toyota Tacoma is still one of the best-selling trucks on the market, Toyota will likely introduce a new model with significant upgrades.

The following are some aspirations that people have for the upcoming Tacoma generation:

  • A more sophisticated suspension system
  • Powertrain upgrade
  • Snazzier interior
  • Hybrid or electric models
  • Roomier backseat

Fans think Toyota will use the same TNGA-F technology for the new Tacoma as they did for the Tundra. There are rumors that the Tacoma will have a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and a 10-speed automated gearbox. Plans for Tacoma are various, but it will be known once Toyota releases it on the market.

The Toyota Tacoma has a rich past, and it appears that it will continue to have a prosperous future! Part of the reason it's one of Toyota's best cars is its longevity.

Older Tacomas are still in use, and businesses like LedLightJeep provide comprehensive catalogs of Toyota Tacoma components to support this fact. We offer the parts you need to quickly get your Tacoma back up and running, regardless of the year. Make sure to contact us for all of your Toyota car requirements!

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