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Protection for Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is designed to be durable and long-lasting. But, damage is inevitable if you intend to engage in significant off-roading or rock climbing. Body panels may sustain bumps, while other parts beneath the vehicle, like the undercarriage, may sustain damage. Fortunately, a large skid plate is available aftermarket to protect your Taco from damage.


Skid plates are panels attached to the bottom of a car to protect it from scratches when it touches the ground. They are made of durable and abrasion-resistant material.

The largest area of a Tacoma that needs to be protected is underneath the engine and the front suspension. You can go overboard and cover everything from other suspension parts to extras.

The price range will be from approximately $100 to more than $1000. The front cover alone will cost you, on average, about $200. Considering what you're protecting, this is relatively cheap.


Now that you know everything there is to know about skid plates, where do they go in reality? What precisely is it meant to protect? To what extent can I protect my truck?

All of these inquiries are legitimate! Beneath our Tacomas lie numerous expensive and important parts. While they are designed to be durable, they should not be subjected to excessive pressure. Fortunately, a family of skid plates has been created with this in mind.


These skid plates provide a first line of defense against whatever you drive your truck into and mount just behind your front bumper. Usually, they utilize the mounting points already on your vehicle, so no additional drilling is needed.

Front skid plates are beneficial for even modest off-roaders. These protect components like oil pans, engine accessories, radiators, and air conditioner condensers. These panels can be seen from the outside of your truck, even if your Tacoma is not lifted. This is a great opportunity to get something stylish to show that you are serious about off-roading! 


Problems with transmissions are annoying. They are costly, and if there is a problem, your Tacoma won't be able to be driven. While Toyota's transmission is quite reliable, you want to avoid taking advantage of it and crashing into someone braver. Put the transmission skid plate in place.

A transmission skid plate is made to shield the transmission from rough trails. It can usually be installed on your Tacoma without any extra drilling required. They work well alone, but they perform much better when combined with a front skid plate and transfer case skid plate. By combining all three, you can easily protect the front and middle parts of your Tacoma with just one application.  


Your transfer case is built to supply your front and rear wheels with power as needed. Protecting this vital component is imperative when going on off-road excursions. This skid plate is designed to mount to the factory mounting points directly behind your transmission (and transmission skid plate if you choose to install one).

Due to its compact size, this plate is best paired with a front and transmission skid plate, but it will increase the likelihood that your transfer case will survive your next rock climb.  




In essence, lower control arms are in charge of "holding your front wheels" in place. If these end up stuck on a rock, you can only imagine the awful day you may have. Thank goodness, a skid plate exists for that! These are made to firmly enclose your lower control arms' exposed sides and bottom to absorb most impacts.

Fitment is something you should consider while comparing prices. Specific models, such as those with a TRD front skid plate or TRD Pro models, cannot be fitted, according to special notes from many manufacturers. Before purchasing, do some study!  




A hole in your fuel tank is a negative thing. Not only do you incur the risk of spontaneous combustion, but it's also harmful to run out of fuel and maybe receive an EPA fine. Despite being incredibly sturdy, consider one of these skid plates if you engage in a lot of rock crawling and have the extra funds. I could elaborate more, but You want to avoid holes in your gas tank.  



 Although it's not something you would often consider guarding, your rear shocks are very exposed to the elements. Serious off-roaders have a few options for retractable and extendable protection on the market. However, keeping these options protected can be a bit of a chore. However, keeping them protected can be a bit of a chore. Most choose to shield one of the most critical impact points—the bottom—for the above reasons.

Driving off-road can damage the shocks in this area. This can cause them to wear out faster. It may also make it difficult to remove them later if they are severely bent or damaged. You might want to pay attention to this!  


Do you have the choice of aluminum or steel for many of these? Which is superior? Which one ought you to purchase?

Everything about this relies on how you use your truck. Steel is a highly robust metal. It is resilient and able to withstand damage. You will require steel protection if you perform some natural rock crawling up a mountainside.

The drawback of steel is its weight. Your truck's weight impacts its performance in terms of acceleration, braking, balance, and gas economy.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is exceptionally light. It is less intense than a trade-off. Aluminum is the way to go if you're a weekend warrior who hikes a few routes that may include a hill or two.

Your truck will still gain weight, but far less than with steel. Invest in protection by taking a risk and choosing aluminum. Aluminum can handle most tasks similar to steel, but it may not fully prevent damage. This is especially true if your truck hits a sharp rock.

Make sure you know your end goal before buying tires and other items. Purchase the right tires and accessories based on your end goal. This advice has been mentioned before on this blog.


Skid plates shield all of the costly electrical and mechanical components. How about the remainder of your vehicle? Let's quickly look at some more choices while I have your attention.


I'm combining these two because I've written separate entries covering the parts and possibilities extensively. Sliders shield the bottom and body of your truck, while brush guards are excellent for safeguarding the front end. 


If you're concerned about rolling over during your trips, a full roll cage is a good idea. However, a roll bar is a great alternative that offers some protection, looks nice, and costs less." They are available for about $500.


Bumpers are a pricey but highly durable alternative if off-roading is your thing. Although they look fantastic, stock bumpers provide no protection when rock crawling. Off-road bumpers are substantial and made to withstand a lot of abuse.

When you're fighting the Earth, you have a lot of alternatives for shielding your Tacoma. Everything depends on your destination and the force you are pushing your truck. Nevertheless, spend the money now to avoid repairing costly parts later on.

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