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Ford Ranger

Ford upgraded the Ranger's engines and gave customers three diesel options for the third generation of the vehicle. A 3.2-liter engine has 200 horsepower, while a 2.2-liter engine has either 125 or 150 horsepower. The two stronger engines can also be paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox. This is in addition to the standard six-speed manual gearbox.

The Ford Ranger III has a basic all-wheel drive system that can be manually selected, except for the XL model. This system sends power to the rear wheels. With the rotary dial on the gear knob, you may turn on the four-wheel drive at up to 120 km/h. 

For further traction, an independently selectable reduction gear is available. Small features like trailer stabilization, traction control, and hill assistance ensure safety when driving off-road.



Ford Ranger 4th Generation (International Since 2015)

Ford showcased the new Ranger to the public at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March 2015. It entered the European market in February 2016, approximately a year later. The company offers the contemporary pickup in over 180 markets globally.

The new Ford Ranger has a new look and advanced technology, with fuel-efficient engines. It is a powerful and beautiful vehicle.

The goal is to make the pickup truck more appealing for families, lifestyle use, and business clients. The focus is on improving the truck's attractiveness for different types of customers. This includes making it more suitable for family activities and everyday use. Additionally, efforts are being made to make the truck more appealing to businesses and their needs.

The most popular pickup vehicle in Europe is a tiny truck manufactured in South Africa. Ford successfully replicated this strategy with the Ranger IV to ensure that it remains that way.

The top dog was able to increase its lead even in the first year (2016), and there doesn't seem to be an end to the success. It has a thirty percent market share in its category in 2018. Apart from the continuous success in the market, the Ranger is always happy to receive further awards for their trophy collection.

The latest generation has had a significant and appealing redesign, making it very elegant visually. The front of the new design in particular makes it appear considerably more strong and distinctive overall. This vehicle had a large trapezoidal radiator grille, thinner headlights, a stepped hood, and a lofty body, making it obviously sharpened.

The new model looks different from the old one when viewed from the side. This is due to the bigger air intakes, door sills resembling running boards, and a new rim design.

On the other hand, the huge Ranger lettering and box-shaped taillights on the back are nearly unchanged.

The driver and passengers in the crew cab of the Pickup-Ranger are comfortable, similar to a sedan or SUV. Adults have plenty of headroom and legroom even in the second row of seats.

In comparison to its predecessor, the cockpit appears far neater and friendlier. A central speedometer with two customizable digital displays replaced the four round instruments. An 8-inch multimedia infotainment touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard gives it a considerably more modern appearance.

The company is adding Ford technology to its popular vehicle, making it a modern passenger car. The car has a voice-activated system. It has cruise control, recognizes traffic signs, warns of lane departure and collisions, has a reversing camera, and more.

Ford offers extras like a limited-slip differential and underride protection for its Ranger vehicles. Additional items like covers, tubs for cargo, and roofs for certain models are available as extras for purchase.



The standard engine is still the four-cylinder, 2.2-liter TDCi, but it now has a little bit more power. The new diesel engines now have 130 and 160 horsepower, up from 125 and 150. The 160 horsepower version includes a standard start-stop feature. The top engine, which has a 3.2-liter 5-cylinder and 200 horsepower, hasn't altered, though.

The Ford truck can have all-wheel drive or not. You can choose between a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox. Your choice will depend on the trim level of the truck.

In September 2016, new drive units were updated with SCR technology to meet Euro 6 emissions standards.

The new Ranger vehicles use less fuel, about 22% less. This is because they have electric power steering, a new exhaust gas recirculation system, and a stop-start system.



Ford updated its fourth-generation, best-selling truck in Europe in the middle of 2019. The updated model primarily has new diesel engines, transmissions, and assistance systems, among other technological improvements. 

It takes more examination to discern the differences between the facelift model and its predecessor from an aesthetic standpoint. The radiator grille, front apron, and ornamental strip are a few examples of the outward changes. More upscale equipment lines now come standard with fog lights, LED daytime running lights, and bi-xenon headlights. 

Additionally, the car is offered in stunning new body colours like sapphire blue and pyrite silver. The "Easy-Lift tailboard," which the Limited and Wildtrak already provide ex works, is also new. A unique torsion bar suspension makes this very simple to open and close.

The new Ford mid-size pickup's cabin has seen few outward changes. The cabin of the new Ranger is incredibly cosy and unmistakably elegant and luxurious for a contemporary SUV.

The seats are comfortable on long trips. The higher models have leather upholstery. The driver's seat is motorized with eight positions for added comfort.

The cabins also offer a plenty of storage space. The center console has three storage options.

These include small and large compartments with air conditioning. The type of storage depends on the model. Extra room is also available beneath the back seat bench for those who choose the crew cab.

The truck has a large glove box. It can hold different items, like a laptop up to 15 inches. There are no problems with fitting it in.

The 2019 Ford Ranger, like practically every other contemporary vehicle, has full connectivity. The truck becomes a WiFi hotspot with FordPass Connect, allowing the driver and passengers to go online while driving.

The FordPass app has helpful features. You can lock/unlock your car remotely, monitor it, and check mileage, oil levels, and fuel tank status.

You can control navigation on the Ford SYNC 3 touchscreen system using voice commands. The system also includes AppLink for communication and entertainment. The system works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The 8-inch touchscreen responds to tapping and swiping gestures.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is the first in its class to have factory cruise control. It includes Lane Keeping Assist, Intelligent Cruise Assist with speed limiter, Forward Collision Warning, and Traffic Sign Recognition features. The Ford KeyFree keyless system with Ford Power starting capability is also making its premiere here. Additionally, the central locking now includes the loading platform's tailboard.

The MyKey feature allows users to adjust a key's settings, like KeyFree with driver profile, which is important in this case. For instance, you can set the maximum volume of the audio system. Additionally, you can prevent some safety aid systems from being turned off. Giving your car to someone else—like your novice child, for example—should be a little bit simpler now.

The four equipment variants—XL, XLT, Limited, and Wildtrak—have likewise not changed.

The Ford Ranger Raptor is the newest top model designed for maximum off-road driving fun.


Ford Ranger Black Edition

Ford debuted the Ford Ranger Black Edition, a limited-edition vehicle with only 2,500 pieces, in 2017. This unique Ranger is black and based on the "Limited" trim level with extra accessories available for purchase.

In Europe, only the double cab model with 160 or 200 horsepower turbo diesel was for sale. The Black Edition package cost an extra 1,309 euros.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak X - Blue Edition

In 2018, Ford released the Wildtrak X special model in "Performance Blue" color, previously only available on sports vehicles. Other black body parts include the alloy wheels, stairs, radiator grille, sports bars, roof rails, and Wildtrak insignia.

The special model only came in a double cab version. It had a 3.2-liter TDCi turbodiesel engine that makes 200 horsepower. It also had a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Special features like a lockable cargo compartment blind and black leather seats with grey stitching make the Wildtrak X unique.


Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford began offering the Raptor in the middle of 2019. People say that this is the "ultimate ranger"! Ford Performance created the unique model, which visually resembles the US-market F-150 Raptor, for true off-road fans.

The new 2.0 litre Ford EcoBlue engine lives under the Ford Ranger Raptor's hood.

500 Nm of torque and 156 kW/213 hp BI-TURBO diesel engine mated to a 10-speed automated gearbox. The Raptor is excellent for off-road driving. This is because of its FOX Pro suspension, strong steel frame, and all-wheel drive system.


Protecting Your Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a popular pick-up truck and off-road vehicle in the USA and Europe. It has been loved by many generations. Like any truck, the Ranger can be difficult to find protective gear to purchase. 

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