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Fenders Flares

Whether a pickup truck is stock-height, raised, or lowered, fender flares are a consistently popular upgrade. However, why? What's the difference between these standard bolt-ons? 

Continue reading to discover more about fender flares. They are accessories used on vehicles. They use them to protect the vehicle from debris and enhance its appearance. RealTruck offers a variety of popular designs for fender flares.

What Are Fender Flares? 

An extension of your car's fender, flares offer more protection for off-road tires with excessively large and low offset wheels. These items enable a straightforward bolt-on installation that requires only standard hand tools. They are typically custom-molded for a specific vehicle. 

Fender flares are vulnerable to rocks and other road debris being kicked up because they are placed so close to the fender well. Manufacturers make flares from strong materials like ABS thermoplastic for durability and impact resistance.

What Are Car Fender Flares Used For?

Here are a few of the main advantages of fender flares—which owners of trucks, SUVs, and Jeep add for various reasons!

Paint Protection

Fender flares protect your car's paint and body from rocks and debris that can damage it. They serve the same purpose as mud flaps and splash guards. By covering the whole fender well with up to three inches of material, flares function as a massive mud flap.

Fender flares absorb the impact of rocks and other road debris, protecting inner fender lips and rust-prone rocker panels.

Legal Reasons

State laws vary, but most local governments require your car's fender to completely cover the tires. Any object that extends beyond the fenders is considered a traffic violation. Fender flares give more tire coverage, preventing legal problems when using wide wheels and big tires.


Most customers install fender flares purely for aesthetic reasons, aside from practical ones. Fender flares give your car a more rough look by extending its body lines. Also, fender flares are often added to cars at the factory on higher trim levels. Adding them to a car that didn't have them originally can make it look much fancier. 

Fender flares are a cheap way for people in rust-prone areas to cover up rust on a clean pickup truck.

Are Fender Flares Worth It?

The value of a set of Fender flares is entirely subjective, just like any other car alteration. Installing a set of Fender flares may be worthwhile if your demands dictate it. 

Do Fender flares look good? If so, they are well worth it! 

Do you require the additional coverage because you have broad wheels and tires? If so, they are well worth it!

Does your car frequently get rock chips because you live on a gravel road? If so, they are well worth it! 

Consider buying high-quality Fender flares from RealTruck based on your needs and preferences. It could be a good investment.

5 Reasons to Add Bronco Fender Flares to Your Pickup!

If you have a pickup truck, adding fender flares can make it look better and work better too. Adding fender flares to a pickup truck can improve its appearance and protect the sides from mud and dirt buildup. It's a simple way to enhance the look and functionality of the vehicle.

In this blog post, We'll review five advantages of adding Fender flares to your pickup. Discover the reasons behind giving your pickup some Fender flares by reading on.

1) They help to improve the look of your truck!

Your truck looks more aggressive and brutal with fender flares installed. Fender flares may be ideal for your car if you're searching for a striking exterior makeover. They make your truck look stylish and unique, helping it stand out and making you proud to own it.

2) They help to increase tire clearance!

You can achieve increased tire clearance, which may be required in certain jurisdictions, by using fender flares. By installing fender flares on your pickup, you may ensure that your tires comply with regulatory regulations and do not protrude excessively from the wheel well. You can get the proper clearance with fender flares without sacrificing the appearance or functionality of your car.

3) They add protection from road debris and mud!

Fender flares on your pickup will help shield it from mud and road debris. Fender flares, with their flared-out designs, prevent dirt, stones, and other objects from being kicked up and scratching your car's paint job.

Additionally, they serve as a barrier against muck that may fly up when traveling over uneven ground. They assist in preserving the integrity of your paint job and keeping your truck tidy and well-kept. If you install fender flares, you won't have to deal with a car that is always covered in mud and filth.

4) They are available in different styles!

For a subtle look, the low-profile fender flares mimic your truck's original design. For those who want a clean, minimalist style, these are fantastic.

Fender flares made with pocket rivets are a more durable, off-road option. Great for off-roading truck enthusiasts needing more tire clearance and protection from debris and mud. Your vehicle will stand out from the crowd thanks to the bright accents and more aggressive lines of the pocket rivet style.


5) They can be painted to match your vehicle color!

An excellent method to personalize and differentiate the appearance of your pickup truck is with fender flares. However, a competent painter can match the color of your vehicle to them. Painting your fender flares is a simple and affordable method to give your truck a little extra individuality. You'll feel good about yourself knowing that your car is unique if you accomplish this.

Types of Fender Flares

Several types of Fender flares are available on the market, from extra-wide, massive pocket flares to OE-style copies. Choose the type that best suits you and your vehicle by reading on!


Although they are, not in the sense you may imagine, bolt-on flares aren't truly bolt-on. Bolt-on designs are attached using existing holes and fake bolt heads in the plastic. This means you don't have to drill new holes in your car's fenders and quarter panels. Bolt-on-look is a more fitting title overall!


Consider pocket-style flares as a development of traditional bolt-on designs. Although they have similar qualities, pocket flares elevate the bolt-on look to a new level. The product's exterior diameter has deep, recessed bolt pockets that support the bolted-on look.

Extra Wide

More coverage—more, more, more coverage! Exceptionally broad flares, precisely that.

Fender flares often cover up to 3 inches of the tire area. This helps protect your car's paint from rocks and debris on the road. Extra wide flares can cover up to three inches of poke, and it is best used with an extra wide wheel and tire combination. 


OE models have streamlined looks and little tire covering, imitating original equipment. These flares will offer little protection but add a whole new look to your vehicle!


Want to preserve the paint and body of your Jeep without compromising tire clearances? Flat fender flares in line! Jeeps mainly use this design, which covers the tires without obstructing wheel travel or articulation.


Manufacturers offer painted flares in various styles, already matched to your vehicle's color. This sets them apart from other items on the list. Painted flares give a clean, personalized look compared to typical products' rough, textured black surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Truck Fender Flares for You

Which fender flare design is best for you and your vehicle, then? Naturally, whichever best meets your needs!

For excellent tire coverage (more than two inches), consider getting extra-wide or flat flares. Pocket or bolt-on flares are good for providing minimal coverage. They are useful for concealing a small amount of tire that sticks out from the fenders.

Get OE-type flares to enhance your car's look without adding much tire coverage. These flares can enhance the look of your vehicle without extending past the tires.

They are a great option for those looking to enhance the aesthetics of their car without making major modifications. Get OE-type flares for a sleek and stylish upgrade to your vehicle's appearance. 

The decision ultimately boils down to your chosen aesthetic and the direction you're taking your bike, aside from your needs. Fender flares can enhance the appearance of a lifted truck. However, they may not complement a regular pickup that has standard wheels and tires. Conversely, OE-style flares might not fit well on a car that has undergone significant modification! 

Whatever your preferred style may be, LedLightJeep has your fenders covered. 

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