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Jeep Light Bar

A Guide to LED Light Bars for Trucks And Wrangler

LED Light Bars for Trucks

Suppose you are an off-road enthusiast who enjoys traveling in dark regions daily. In that case, you are aware that headlights and fog lights are insufficient compared to the darkness of the desert or the nighttime mountains. Off-road lighting installation on your pickup truck has always been necessary for adventure.

Why do people need light bars for trucks?

Truck LED light bars are an excellent method to brighten the space surrounding your vehicle and are a wonderful addition for drivers in low-light conditions. And alert other motorists to problems on the road by indicating your presence. Nobody will ever ignore you. 

Making sure you can see what's in front of you throughout the day can be made easy with a high-quality light bar. Because of the dispersion and brightness of the bulbs, they are far more successful than any other type of auto lighting at illuminating an area.

Buying a bar could indeed be enjoyable. Still, it can also be a very intimidating chore, particularly if you have yet to gain experience with bars or light bulbs. Fortunately, we've put together this guide to help you answer some of your questions so you can choose the best solution for your unique specifications and off-road light needs.

Where to Install Jeep Light Bar on Trucks?

This is among the first things you should decide when buying a light bar. Various light bar sizes are suitable for multiple settings. The maximum strip light size that many mounting choices around your truck can accommodate is 48". More oversized bars might only fit atop your vehicle.

Here are typical mounting locations for your LED light bar

Front Bumper

Various kinds of light bars can be installed on the front bumper. The front bumper is the most convenient and adaptable place to put light bars because it already has pre-made holes; you don't need to drill holes or buy extra mounting supplies. If there are no holes, it's making one or two is not too hard


Minor work or ditch lights, which offer a noticeable change in light angle from your car's stock headlights, attach perfectly to the A-pillar. You'll see more of the road as a result. It functions as a turn signal as well.

The purpose of ditch lights is to light up the sides of the car rather than the front. Aim them precisely and employ a flood beam pattern to achieve a decent light distribution.

 Hood or Grille

If your automobile has a grille with an integrated LED light mount, the light is still high enough to project where you need it while maintaining a clean appearance. It is important to remember that mounting the lights on the grille is not a very durable option.

Mounting the light behind the grille instead of inside is an additional choice. Few cars have enough space in front of the hood for lighting. Additionally, the factory grille needs to have a more open look. Even in cases where the design is more open, it could still obstruct too much light. However, an abundance of high-quality LEDs will address every issue.


The first thing to remember is to confirm with the local regulations where and when you may use your light bar before deciding where to place your lighting device. This will help ensure you stay out of trouble with the transport authorities.

What Light Bar For a Jeep Should I Buy?

As far as we are aware, the majority of items available now have a large number of features. Naturally, LED light bars are also not an exception. This particular product has many features to consider, like longevity, number of rows, colors, sizes, and various beam patterns. I'll go over each one of them separately.

Beam Patterns

When buying an LED light bar, selecting a beam pattern is one of the most important factors to consider.

Spot, flood, and combination beam patterns are typical light bar beam configurations.

Flood beams illuminate a vast area in front of the truck and distribute light over a vast region, making them perfect for off-road driving.

Spot beams cast minimal light on the sides and brighten small areas over longer distances. They are more suited for on-road driving because they concentrate primarily on one area.

Combining both, the combination beam pattern provides both a flood and spot beam pattern.


This is also undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements to consider if you're considering giving your car an LED light bar.

It's not just about where to install; it's also about the desired brightness.

The number of bulbs in an LED light bar increases with its size, which means that the bar will produce more light, and the cost will also increase.


As everyone knows, driving in low visibility situations (like fog) is best done with amber lights, while emergency vehicles typically use blue, red, and green lights to increase their visibility. Aside from these, a few color-changing bars are growing in acceptance.

One consideration for where and how you intend to use your lights will be light hue.


An LED light bar's build quality significantly impacts how long the product lasts. While examining the structure of an LED light bar, there are a few things to look out for.

For example, sealing is crucial to maintaining a light's peak performance. Harsh environmental conditions are withstanding for die-cast aluminum housing. Thanks to the anti-scratch and high transmittance lenses, almost twice as much light can get through. The quality level of an LED light bar is determined by the LED chips used in it. Your best options will be CREE and OSRAM.

Our LED Light Bar Picks for Trucks

#1-105W 7 inch Round Spot Light Bar

Why we picked it

This strong LED light bar is perfect for off-road explorers since it incorporates DRL and high-low beams and can be adjusted to suit various demands.

The angle-adjustable Pod has a high lumen output with a color temperature of 6000K and is equipped with twenty-one 5W high-intensity original OSRAM led chips. With an average life of up to 50,000 hours and an operating voltage between 10 and 30 volts DC, this LED light is ideal for use on various off-road vehicles.

This LED light is made to withstand the harshest environments. It has a die-cast aluminum housing and a PMMA acrylic glass lens. This Light Bar is IP 67 waterproof. Thus, it can withstand any natural disaster. The housing is finished with a textured black powder coat for a striking appearance and durable corrosion resistance.

This LED light's movable mounting bracket allows it to be installed easily anywhere you need it—on a roof, windshield, or bumper.

Key Features

  • 6000LM for high beam, 4000LM for low beam
  • Color Temperature - 6000K
  • Die-cast Aluminum Housing
  • 5woriginal OSRAM led chips per piece
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Universal Mounting Applications

What People Say?

"The lights are housed in a coated metal shell with a glass lens. This company does not use low-quality coatings or polymers to save money. Since these lights are built to last, I don't see me ever having to replace them."

#2-Chasing RGB Halo LED Light Bar -Phantom Series.

Why we picked it?

This striking chasing RGB halo-led light bar will undoubtedly transform the appearance of your vehicle with its strong LED lights and creative lighting effects.

Fitted with premium chips, it can illuminate 6000K white as an Off-road Driving LED light bar that lasts long and is quite bright.

A halo ring was inserted within the LED light bar that can flash, be steady and constant, and accelerate and decelerate. Over 72 modes and 6 million are available. Various solid colors are available, including red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, pink, and white fading, as well as red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, and pink fading. Your audience will be in complete awe of the Phantom Series Light Bar.

We combine a 60° flood light on the two sides with a 30° super spotlight in the center. Purchase a powerful flood light for a wide area and a high-intensity spotlight for a greater distance. Remove shadows moving forward and alongside roadways—an ideal choice for light off-road trails.

These light bars come in an extensive range of lengths and wattages, which include the following:

13.5" 240W 50" 288W 22" 120W 32" 180W 42" 240W

Because of this extensive range of sizes, you can quickly place the bar wherever you want in your car. Additionally, your audience will be in complete awe of the chasing RGB halo-led light bar combo when you use pod work lights. 

Hardware for mounting and installation is included with every device.

Key Features

  • Housing Material: Black die-cast aluminum
  • Mounting Bracket: Stainless Mounting Hardware
  • Lifespan: Obove 50,000 hours
  • Color Temp: 6000K(white)
  • Angel Eyes Halo Ring: RGB Color Changing, 12 solid Color Changing, over 72 chasing flash modes.

What People Say

"The halo is excellent and will provide some helpful light in several ways. Please gently lower the angle because the last time I turned them on while driving through fog, the light flashed back into my face. With a simple flip to face down a little, I could see the road more clearly and receive less light back through the fog."

Three #-Honeycomb LED Work Driving Lights for Off-road

Why we picked it

One of LOYO's proprietary LED lamps, the 60W Comb LED driving lights, was created to increase brightness for all its clients while off-roading at night. Its distinct honeycomb design and incredibly bright beam, combining cool and amber-white colors, make it aesthetically pleasing. It's excellent for highlighting hidden places on trails after dusk.

The Honeycomb Work lights in 3.5-inch size are designed especially for use with A-pillars. To light up your nighttime travels, you may also place them on the top or bumper of your truck. With elevated 60W/8,000LM output and high-performance Cree LED chips, you may have more light and feel safer at night.

Key features

  • Lamp Cup Material: PMMA+ Aluminum
  • LED Color: Cool White Color + Amber Color
  • Luminous Flux: 8,000 LM
  • Working Life: Above 50000 hours
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP68

What people say

"Well-made, with a noticeable weight. Outstanding value for the money."


Whether you are searching for the ideal light source or the final piece to round off a rugged off-road appearance, spending your money on a long-lasting, high-quality product is critical. You may now choose LED light bars for your truck based on your knowledge after reading this article. It all comes down to money and time; you should have a long-lasting, high-quality LED light bar.

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