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Strobe Emergency Lighting

What you need to know about Emergency Vehicle Strobe Lights

Although strobe lights for vehicles are employed in various driving scenarios, emergency response vehicles have been shown to benefit significantly from their employment. But if you've searched online for emergency car strobe lights, you might be taken aback by the variety of choices. For this reason, knowing what and how car strobe lights operate is essential. You will learn this in this blog post, so keep reading to learn more. 

What is a strobe light?

Let's define strobe lights before further detailing their unique application to emergency vehicles. In essence, a strobe light is an apparatus that emits a certain kind of light. The word "strobos," from which it originated, has Greek roots. The English translation of this is "act of whirling."

Comparing strobe lights to regular light bulbs—the kind you use in your house or place of business—will help you better understand them. These lights provide a steady stream of illumination. However, this is not the case with strobe lights. Continuous light flashes are instead produced. Another distinction is that strobe lights are typically much, much brighter. This is because more energy may be used for each flash since the light is not continuously used.

The energy joules a typical commercial strobe light produces range from 10 to 150. This is incredibly powerful and visible from a vast distance.

There are two applications for strobe lights. The first is a light that flashes. This is the standard equipment found in emergency vehicles.

Alternatively, the light can be operated continuously. This indicates that the light is flashing so seldom that it is nearly impossible to see the flashes with the unaided eye. This type of strobe light is used in rescue vehicles. 

What do we use strobe lights for in vehicles?

It is essential to comprehend the purpose of emergency car strobe lights before delving into the various varieties available today. Emergency vehicle strobe lights are utilized in emergencies and other circumstances where it is necessary to alert other drivers nearby or when additional care is needed.

These lights can be permanently mounted on the emergency vehicle or used as stand-alone lighting products, such as surface mount LED lights, which can be used with or apart from the car. They are single- or multi-colored, depending on the lights used. Fire trucks and ambulances, for instance, frequently have red and white lights on top of their cars.

In an emergency, these strobe lights can help ensure emergency vehicles pass through dense traffic safely and on time. This is so that other drivers will know that an emergency vehicle is approaching, thanks to the lights. These lights are typically combined with noises to ensure that motorists are fully aware that they must pull over so the emergency vehicle can pass easily.

Strobe lights are employed in other contexts as well. They are helpful in situations where police cars are conducting routine traffic stops. The driver in front of the police car understands they must slow down and pull over when they position their vehicle behind the other vehicle and activate their emergency vehicle strobe light.

When working on or near a road, tow truck drivers and construction personnel frequently discover that these strobe lights are indispensable. Other drivers might be informed that maintenance is underway by having the lights on while working. They will remain out of the way, thanks to this. Even though there isn't an emergency vehicle in this case, the lights can still help prevent an emergency by keeping everyone informed and safe. 

How do strobe vehicle lights work?

You can choose the emergency vehicle strobe lights that will be best for your automobile by taking the time to consider your demands since many different features and settings can be employed as part of your emergency warning light system. For instance, to guarantee that the strobe lights are seen from any angle, LED light bars are frequently required to be mounted atop a truck or automobile.

In other circumstances, warning lights—like a traffic advisor light bar—may be used as a stand-alone sign to alert drivers to slow down or divert traffic. Many of these warning light bars will have various settings available for you to select from. This implies that you can modify the brightness, the flashing pattern, and the lights' duration based on the circumstances. 

The history of emergency vehicle strobe lights

Emergency lighting has been around since World War II. Germany used blue emergency lights at this time. The first time cobalt blue emergency lights were utilized was in 1935 at the Verdunkelung. This was an aerial defense black-out measure. It replaced the red hue that emergency vehicle lights employed up until 1938. Blue can only be seen at lower altitudes because of its scattering qualities. As a result, these lights were difficult for hostile aircraft to see.

Since then, lightning technology has advanced quickly, and we've seen the application of many colors in various contexts. Police cars still frequently use blue strobe lights, often combined with red and white. Red is the obvious color choice for fire engines.

These lights have been meticulously designed to guarantee that they emit each hue at the proper shade and brightness, providing enough warning without increasing the risks. The progress we have made in this area throughout the years is astounding. It's interesting to note that different colors are utilized in other parts of the United States, just as there are varying standards for light colors abroad. 

What are some of the different features that come with vehicle strobe lights?

Choosing the best strobe lights for your business can be overwhelming because, as mentioned in the introduction, many vehicle strobe lights are available nowadays. We'll examine some of the most popular features and the situations in which they work best to lend you a hand. Ultimately, there is only one universally applicable solution for emergency vehicles and situations. Please make sure the item you choose is suitable for the problem at hand; we offer anything from full-size light bars to concealed strobe lights.

One excellent illustration of this is the variety of available flashing patterns. There are several distinct flashing patterns featured in some of the light bars. You must consider what kind of lightning pattern will work best for your needs.

Pay close attention to the strobe lights' hues and brightness is also essential. These must be compatible with how the vehicle they will be mounted operates. For instance, you should search for strobe lights that use red, blue, and white lights when shopping for officer lights. Only emergency vehicles may utilize these shades.

Whichever kind of car you are outfitting, you must comprehend this. To avoid utilizing inappropriate light patterns, for example, you should be aware of the local regulations regarding emergency vehicles before shopping for construction lights for trucks.

Please do not hesitate to contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics for further information if you need help selecting the appropriate vehicle strobe lights for your car. Our staff can assist you in choosing the best strobe lights for your vehicle because they have years of experience in the field. 

Regulations change from state to state.

State-by-state variations exist in rules concerning emergency vehicles and the various types of strobe lights available. This is something you should be aware of. Examining this is essential before beginning your search for the ideal emergency vehicle strobe lights. We have access to a knowledge base that includes all state statutes, so you should be able to locate the information you require to determine the kind of emergency lights that are best for you.

To help you comprehend, we'll review a few state-specific regulations below. If your state is not included in this guide, all you need to do is click on the link provided in the preceding sentence to locate the information you need for your car. 


Police vehicles operating inside the state of Nebraska are required by law to have flashing or rotating blue, white, or red lights on at all times. This covers cars that the state police agency maintains, both marked and unmarked. When responding to active calls or situations, fire engines can use entirely red lights or a combination of white and red flashing lights. Red, white, and blue, or just red, are the available light combinations for ambulances. 


Police lights in Massachusetts must be red and blue. Police cars and trucks must have these lights installed. A red light must be mounted on the police car that flashes or turns in reverse while it moves. The police force also needs to equip various vehicles with blue police lights. This applies to railroad police departments as well as university and college police. There must be a red light that flashes or oscillates for fire departments. This also holds for ambulances. It's also important to note that blue lights are prohibited for ambulances in Massachusetts. 


We will now examine Colorado's state statute regarding emergency vehicle lights. It is required by law for police cars stationed in this state to have at least one signal lamp installed on them. This must be a red light that rotates, oscillates, or flashes and is visible at all times of the day. Additionally, police cars with white and blue, white, or blue lights are available. A green flashing light will be utilized for cars assigned to the command post vehicle. When in operation, the light must be red, spinning, oscillating, or flashing for firefighters. In ambulances, at least one light must be installed and placed on the most helpful portion of the vehicle. Once more, the light must be red, and when in operation, it must be revolving, oscillating, or flashing. In Colorado, using blue and white lights on an ambulance is legal. 


The Texas Department of Public Safety has declared that police vehicles in the state may combine blue, white, and red lights. The fire departments utilize red lights. It is legally required for both departments' first responder vehicles to have two lights on the back of the cars and two lights on the front of the rigs. 


All approved emergency vehicles in California must have at least one red lamp that is continuously blazing. At least 100 feet must be able to see this lamp. Consequently, this also holds for police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. Police cars are also allowed to feature a blue warning light that flashes and should be seen from the vehicle's front, back, and sides. They may also employ lights that are fixed to the top of the car and flash continuously. 

New Jersey

We are going to examine New Jersey as our last state. According to New Jersey law, police officers can deploy either red or blue lights. If these lights are visible, they can be used in any confirmation. This also holds for the state's fire agencies, albeit red flashing lights are required. Ambulances across the state are required to use the same type of lights.

Even though the laws might seem similar, each state has slightly different requirements regarding the types of lights that can be used, whether they must be spinning, oscillating, or flashing, and where they must be placed. Before you proceed with a purchase, it is crucial to ensure that you are thoroughly informed on the current state regulations governing lights for emergency vehicles. These variations can significantly influence the lights you ultimately choose to buy. 

What are the different types of strobe vehicle lights that are available?

There are a wide variety of inexpensive emergency car lights available for purchase. This guarantees that you can locate anything suitable for your car's make and model and the original reason you needed the lights. To help you better understand, let's examine the many kinds of car lights. 

  • LED Grille Lights - As the name suggests, these lights can be affixed to your car's grille. This assists in lighting the path for the driver and improving sight for incoming vehicles. There is increased light coverage thanks to the size of these lights. 
  • Interior Light Bars - You can take out these lights. This means that they are perfect for cars that serve multiple purposes. For instance, a vehicle may occasionally be used for emergencies; other times, it may be used for routine maintenance. You should consider This kind of lighting if you need emergency illumination sometimes. These lights are strong, long-lasting, and easy to operate. 
  • LED light bars - Undoubtedly, LED light bars are ubiquitous in emergency vehicles and circumstances. Usually, these full-size bars will cover most, if not all, of the roof of your car. This guarantees total coverage, which increases the effectiveness of these lights. These lights are powerful and usually come with various flash patterns that you may use to attract the attention of those around you. These light bars are great if you need a 360-degree light pattern. 
  • Mini light bars - Mini light bars are a product on the market if you want something similar but don't need as much coverage as the light bar that was just stated. You can use the flash and pulse features of these lights as required. 
  • Dash lights - Both in terms of lifespan and power output, dash and deck lighting are outstanding. They can be installed on various surfaces in various kinds of cars. Additionally, they claim that their bulbs may last up to 100,000 hours, so you shouldn't be concerned about these lights going out on you very soon. 
  • Visor lights - Finally, visor lights are yet another well-liked variety of emergency strobe lighting currently offered for automobiles. These lights are among the simplest to install of all sorts. User-friendliness is ensured since they are usually powered by the cigarette lighter in your car. However, this does not imply that these lights lack power or good lighting just because they are relatively simple to operate and install. They still provide all you require to ensure your car is noticed. 

Questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing emergency vehicle strobe lights

To ensure that you get the correct lights for your needs, there are a few questions you should ask yourself when searching for the best emergency strobe lights for your car. Among them are the following: 

Do your emergency strobe lights need to be waterproof?

When searching for emergency vehicle strobe lights, this is something that many people miss. The vast majority of lights on the market have an IP-67 waterproof designation. On the other hand, we also have several completely waterproof lamps. If you require emergency lighting with complete waterproofing, you should focus your search on these lights. 

Do you need a flash pattern?

Many emergency vehicle strobe lights available on the market have a flash pattern. This implies that each lightbulb will flash separately, forming a pattern. This can be useful when you need to guide traffic with your emergency lights. Raising awareness is also a benefit of these kinds of lighting. If you don't select a light with this feature, it will essentially be a static light that will stay on for however long you need. You will have many options here if you have determined that you want an emergency strobe light with various flash patterns. Take your time and thoroughly evaluate each product to select the one that best suits your needs. 

How directional do you need the light to be?

The best emergency strobe lights for your car should consider this while you search for emergency lights, as you frequently need them to be visible from a 360-degree angle. This is because some of the lights available today have focussed beams, which limit their field of view to one direction. This may be appropriate in certain situations, such as when you need the lights to avoid anything in your way. This demonstrates the importance of carefully considering the direction in which the light will be directed. 

How much light do you need?

The temptation to seek out as much light as you can is strong. However, maintaining a safe level of light is crucial. The last thing you want to happen is to use your newly purchased lights to spark another emergency. It's critical to remember that the lights' power selection will impact both consumption and longevity. It requires balancing. If you require assistance with this, don't hesitate to ask for it. 

What are amber emergency vehicle strobe lights?

There are many color combinations when purchasing emergency strobe lights for your car. Most of the amber strobe lights available today are utilized in professional settings. Amber strobe lights can, however, occasionally be used for volunteer activities. One such example is volunteer firefighting.

The emergency vehicle lights used by law enforcement, medical services, and fire departments are not usually amber in color. There are, nevertheless, a few more circumstances in which amber emergency vehicle lights might be seen. Included in this are the following: 

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