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LED Lights For Harley Davidson

Although it's been suggested that LEDs will light the path for the future, are LEDs on your Harley essential? Learn more about LED headlights by reading on.

When someone fires up a Harley, its snarl instantly instills a sense of authority in everyone. All that strength, though, is useless if you cannot return home safely. There are numerous methods to increase your Harley Davidson's safety, but many people need to pay attention to one: lights.

There are a ton of other advantages to customizing your Harley's lighting. LED lights are the future's way, but why are they so fantastic? Discover nine reasons to upgrade your Harley Davidson with LED lights by reading on.


You are your bike's most crucial component, increasing your chances of driving safely. Unfortunately, if you see the roadblock once you're directly in front of it, no amount of fast thinking will be helpful to you. Switching to LED lights allows for better visibility and more time to spot potential dangers.

Regarding lighting, LEDs have two main advantages over standard bulbs: punch and spread. Consider your light piercing the darkness as you consider the "punch" of your lightbulb—the distance you can see. A laser, on the other hand, is a powerful light.

A laser on a bike won't work well because it doesn't light up the area around it. At night, LEDs provide better visibility when riding. They are brighter and cover a wider area than regular bulbs.

For a safe trip, both of these elements are essential. Street lights help you see people and animals on the road. Headlights help you see things far away that might block your path.


While broadening your vision is beneficial, remember how crucial it is that others can see you. Even the most careful rider can overlook anything, leaving them dependent on other drivers to keep them safe. "I didn't see them" is a typical response from other drivers in motorbike accidents.

Bright LED lights in dangerous situations help you and other drivers see you on the road. This gives you extra time to react.


If you leave the lights on in a vehicle overnight, the battery can run out of power. Standard lights can drain batteries quickly, causing inconvenience. While dealing with dead batteries is never enjoyable, it gets even harder every other year.

Since LED lights consume less energy than incandescent lights, they are easier on batteries. On average, LEDs consume 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, which is a significant difference! You will gain a lot from riding your bike at night because you will have to replace your battery less frequently.

Additionally, it is a more sustainable choice. The less power you consume, the more your carbon footprint will be reduced. Choosing solar panels or LED lighting helps the environment. Every sustainable choice you make helps the environment, even small ones.


The color temperature of your lights can have a significant influence that may surprise you. Different light bulbs have different colors. LEDs are white, while incandescent bulbs are warm yellow or orange. These colors can be changed to Kelvin; at certain temperatures, objects are easier for our brains to see.

Objects that are the same color as daylight, around 5500K, are easiest for us to identify quickly. While incandescent bulbs range from 2700K to 3000K, LED bulbs are available in 5000-6000 K. Even though a few extra milliseconds might seem like little, it is never a good idea to take longer to recognize danger.


Heating a filament is how incandescent light bulbs operate. Naturally, this process weakens the filament and increases its fragility with time. You might accidentally turn off your bike's headlight when going over bumps or potholes, which can be challenging. Since LEDs don't rely on any readily breakable wires to give light, they are significantly more durable.


Ordinary incandescent bulbs require replacement after 500–1,000 hours of use. Eagle Lights offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our lighting products. Contact us for a replacement if your headlights go out.

We are so sure that LEDs are better than incandescent lights! This fantastic offer makes perfect sense for motorcycle riders who ride their bikes frequently. Over time, you'll save a ton of money!


Even if some people don't mind, a smaller size makes storing considerably easier.


Although you might not notice, incandescent bulbs all have a warm-up period. During this time, they need to work to their maximum capacity. If you turn on your lights, you can be in for a close call, but they don't show you the entire scene. LED lights are much safer to drive because they start working when you turn on the switch.


Some lights are tricky to install since you must know how to wire things correctly on your bike. LedLightJeep's LED motorcycle lights are fully plug-and-play compatible. This implies that you won't have to wait to enjoy your updated bike for an extended period in your garage. You're set to go once you disconnect the old lights and connect the new ones!

Switch to LED lights for your Harley Davidson for improved safety. Park your bike and make a small change. This will greatly improve your safety. Your loved ones and you will be grateful for it!

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