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LED Lights & Parts for Jeep

What comes to mind when you picture a four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle?

Jeep Wrangler would be the response. A cornerstone of American off-roading is the Jeep Wrangler.

Over time, Jeep has become more and more popular, with the Wrangler in particular. Fans adore many of its goods; however, most think little of the essential lighting. Jeeps are fun to drive on different roads, but their lights are not bright enough for off-road driving. This makes driving at night risky without additional lights.

Furthermore, stock headlights are brittle, and being stranded on an off-road excursion with a damaged headlight is the worst.

The original Jeep halogen headlamps are ideally replaced with LED headlight technology. Better headlights help you see obstacles and the road ahead more clearly if you intend to drive your Jeep Wrangler off-road.

We created new Jeep Wrangler headlights that are high-quality, durable, and stylish. These headlights are designed to make your car look unique and stand out.

Best Jeep Led Headlights in 2024

Here are the top 5 bright Jeep led lights from LedLighJeep.

#1- 9-inch SUNLIGHT Jeep Round LED Headlights with Halo White DRL and Amber Turn Signal

Why we choose it:

The newest fashionable appearance will set your Jeep apart from the competition!

6000LM, an exceptional lighting performance to light the path, was measured by DOT labs.

Integrated Amber Turn Signal, High Beam, Low Beam, and Daytime Running Light.

Provide superior IP68 waterproofing with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

Plug-and-play installation is made simple with the supplied H4 and H13 adapters.

It fits the 2018 and later Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models

New Upgraded LED Headlamp. "Sunlight" headlights improve visibility on dark backroads and light up the way, as their name suggests.

Do you want your Jeep to stand out from the crowd in a unique way? The ideal option would be these headlights.

Superb Performance. Each headlight has a 6000-lumen high beam and a 3000-lumen low beam in addition to its incredibly powerful brightness. Compared to factory headlights, they have substantially more brightness, with 4800 lumens for high beams and 2500 lumens for low beams.

The Pillips chips are the brightest for Jeep headlights with LEDs; even in low light, they have a highly crisp light cut-off. Compared to other comparable solutions, these LED Jeep headlights are more than 50% brighter since they are constructed using authentic Phillips LED chips. Of all the choices we have produced and available on the market, these Sunlight circular LED headlights are the brightest.

Four Lighting Mode. The Sunlight LED Jeep headlights include many features that Jeep customers desire, such as high and low beams, an amber turn signal light, and a halo ring that serves as a Daytime Running Light (DRL). Change the beam from high to low without using an internal shading screen. Furthermore, the high and low beam angles can be changed.

Heavy Duty Housing, Anti-fog and Anti-Condensation. The Sunlight Headlights are made of a powder-finished, die-cast, heavy-duty aluminum casing with a blacked-out interior that protects the LEDs and significantly extends the headlights' lifespan. These are anti-explosion, waterproof, and dustproof to improve safety and visibility.

To let the air inside escape, the Sunlight beam lights also have a unique breathing valve system that can be removed. This keeps the headlights from fogging up in the winter. Whether it's raining or snowing, you won't have to worry about the light beams growing weaker or insufficiently bright.

Plug And Play Installation. These headlights' integrated electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shields your lights from interference and maintains their brightness. Thus, installing them is as simple as just plugging them in!

Legal on the road. These headlights meet US safety standards, so you can feel confident driving on any US highway. They are DOT-compliant, meaning they follow strict safety rules set by the US Department of Transportation.

You only need to search a little farther if you're looking for the brightest LED headlights for your Jeep JL.

#2- 60 Watt 7 inch Dragon Eye LED lights for Jeep Wrangler

Why we love it:

The Most Recent Jeep JK Design

Each headlight has a 60w high beam and a 30w low beam.

Integrated Amber Turn Signal, High Beam, Low Beam, and Daytime Running Light.

The striking gradient effect of the running lights during the day

Provide superior IP68 waterproofing with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

DOT-approved IP67 watertight

The Dragon Eye LED Headlights, one of the newest types, come with several neat features that help compensate for the increased price.

The Jeep LED Halo headlights' gradient DRL effect is one of their excellent features. The default hue is light blue. If you reach the MOQ, you can also create custom-colored lights.

With the option to use the more common 5700K natural daylight color light, these are also DOT-compliant. These headlights have a high beam of 6000 lumens and a low beam of 3000 lumens, making them the same brightness as the sun. A thicker die-cast aluminum enclosure with an IP67 waterproof rating and heat dissipation may shield your headlights.

It's one of our top Jeep Wrangler LED headlights because of its unique appearance. These amazing halo headlights are perfect for any Jeep Wrangler model with round headlights, such as the Jeep JK or TJ. It is also compatible with Jeep JL vehicles, but only if a 9-inch mounting bracket is obtained.

#3- 7 inch King Kong LED Headlights DOT Approved Round headlight with DRL

Why we love it:

30W (low beam), 60W (high beam)

Die-cast aluminum enclosure rated for IP67 waterproofing

longer than 50,000 hours

Technology that prevents flicking

Flicker-preventing mechanism


In 2023, the King Kong headlights that have gained popularity during the previous two years will still be in demand. With the new aggressive look, your Jeep Wrangler gains a unique flair and helpful functionality.

Additionally, they offer a high-performing safety solution that reduces glare and improves light output. Effectively prevent electromagnetic interference and flicker problems with the integrated EMC.

Strong aluminum housing with fog-resistant lenses and scratch-resistant mirror to withstand chemical or UV damage. These headlights are durable and strong, making them a top choice for halo lights for Jeep JK, TJ, or JL models. They also make it simple for you to drive your Wrangler in various weather conditions.

Your lights meet federal safety standards and are legal to drive with good condensation management and DOT-approved warranties. The light's lens has your DOT compliance imprinted on it.

Include both the 60-watt high beam and the 30-watt low beam characteristics. See better in dark, rain, and storms with these headlights' innovative design for improved vision in challenging conditions. The beam pattern has an adequate width. These could be an excellent option if you're searching for plug-and-play LED headlights for your Jeep Wrangler.

#4- 7-inch RGB Halo LED Headlights + 4 inch Fog Lights

Why we love it:

There are four illumination modes. RGB daytime running light with high and low beam

DC voltage range: 9–16

LED: LED chip made by Philips

Light source Sort: 9 pieces 5W CREE 3000LM (Low Beam) and 6000LM (High Beam) LED lumen

Material of lens: PMMA + ABS

Work-Life: More than 50,000 hours 

Twelve months of warranty

Certifications: IP67, DOT, and CE

The 7-inch LED RGB halo headlights and fog lights for Jeep Wranglers are a fantastic addition for owners looking to customize and upgrade their vehicles. 

This makes it possible to simultaneously align the fog lights and headlights for increased convenience and accuracy.

One of the most impressive features is their ability to change color using an APP (supporting iOS and Android) and a 16 million RGB color wheel. You may create your unique ambiance by adjusting the speed, brightness, music synchronization, and vibrant RGB colors.

The headlights produce an intense 6000-lumen high beam and a 3000-lumen low beam. Each of the fog lights emits 1440 lumens. These are an excellent choice if you require Jeep LED headlights for the TJ or JK models. The cost is reasonable and well worth the money.

#5- 9 inch Halo Headlight- Diamond Headlights

Why we love it:

brighter than OEM, ranging from 3000LM/30W (low beam) to 6000LM/60W (high bean).

E-mark and DOT Certifications

White DRL Accent Halo Light integrated

Simple plug-and-play setup

30-day free return policy, one-year warranty.

Fits Jeep Wrangler JL Models from 2018 to 2023

Using Philips LED chips, the 9-inch Diamond LED headlights produce 6000 lumens in the High Beam and 3000 lumens in the Low Beam. These headlights have a color temperature of 5700K. They are 50% brighter than headlights of the same size. They are ideal for off-road vehicles.

Adding a set of Diamond Headlights to your Jeep JL is a great way to improve its nighttime appearance and visibility. The LED headlights come with a Day Time Running Light (DRL) halo.

The halo not only looks good but also helps you be visible to distracted drivers. This feature is useful during both the day and night. They also sparkle like diamonds in the sun.

These Diamond Headlights are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The headlights have strong lenses and housings, with a special hole to prevent moisture damage to the electronics inside. They are waterproof to IP 67 and can withstand almost anything the trail throws at them.

Easy Installation. Adjust the screws on the back of the lamp to change the bracket's tightness. The lamp also has a built-in anti-flicker harness.

Frequently Asked Questions: When You Choose Headlights for Your Jeep Wrangler,

Are LED headlights worth it on a Jeep?

LED headlamps are one of the most significant factory additions for the Jeep. They can offer a high-performance safety solution with enhanced light output and glare reduction. Not only can you see what's directly in front of the bumper, but they also do a decent job lighting up the sidewalk and breaks. Give yourself over to being seen.

It is simple to understand why LED headlights are such a crucial improvement when halogen and LED headlights are compared side by side.

LED lights also last longer and offer a much whiter color than halogen lights. They also look amazing! LED lights use less power but work around 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

Are LED headlamps legal in the USA?

The majority of LED headlights require DOT certification. This indicates that they adhere to the strict safety criteria the US Department of Transportation established. 

What is the lifespan of LED Lights?

Because they generate less heat than halogen headlamps, LED lights often have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Furthermore, unlike incandescent bulbs, they usually don't burn out.

Can I install LED headlights in my Jeep on my own?

Plug in to activate several LED Jeep headlights; installation is simple and requires little effort.

To avoid problems before installation, you are advised to read the guide if you are not an expert.

Conclusions On Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

When selecting LED headlights for your Jeep Wrangler, there are several factors to consider, such as ease of installation. Enduring and practical or not? How bright is it? Add your personal preferences for additional features, colors, and styles.

Making a decision, though, is relatively easy relatively easy. We have the ideal suggestion for you and your Jeep Wrangler, whether you're looking for the best Jeep JK led tail lights or JL headlights.

The Newest Dragon Eye Headlights with Halo White DRL & Amber Turn Signal are your JK's best LED headlights. Additionally, decide on your JL's 9-inch Sunlight headlamps. They have the newest design and technology and are waterproof, power-efficient, bright, and suitable for all conditions.

No matter what you choose, these great LED headlights will give you brighter, more efficient light in your Wrangler!