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LED Lights & Parts for Motorcycle

LED light prices have decreased a lot recently because of LED technology advancements. They now use them in various ways, especially for lighting in vehicles like cars and motorcycles. LEDs are a popular choice for drivers who want to decorate their vehicles. They use less electricity and have a longer lifespan than traditional lights.

Installing LED lights for motorcycle is simple if you know a little about electrical basics. I will show you how to install LED lighting strips on motorcycles as a DIY project.

The components and tools you will need for this motorcycle lighting project:

6 pcs LED flexible grill lighting strips

Remote relay box (already contains the boat fuse and antenna wire)

5 amp fuse

2 pcs connector boxes

Enough lead wires

Double-sided VHB taps

This is a step-by-step tutorial for them:

Step 1: Unplug the motorcycle's battery. You can easily find it under the seat most of the time.

Step 2: Get the LED strips ready. First, you can set your shop on the ground.

Step 3: Check that each LED lighting strip can operate correctly by testing it. Connect the positive wire of the LED strip to the positive terminal of the motorcycle. Connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

Then, check to see if the LED strip illuminates. If some LED strips don't light up when connected, try reversing the direction of the connection. This could be because manufacturers wiring them incorrectly.

Step 4: Mount your motorcycle's LED light strips. The strips can be mounted anywhere you choose.

Try connecting the LED strips to the battery first. See if they create the effect you want. Then decide if it's a good idea. Use dual-sided VHB taps to fasten the LED strip once you're satisfied with the locations.

Step 5: Follow the lead wires along the motorcycle's frame until they nearly reach the battery.

Step 6: Five wires are in the relay box: two black, one white, one red, and one blue. Attach the red wire to the fuse boat (the next step will fill it with 5 amp fuses). Use one black lead wire to connect to the battery's negative terminal.

The antenna wire is blue, which you strap along the frame of the leading motorcycle. Plug the remaining white and black wires into one of each wire junction box's quick connections accordingly. The diagram is displayed below.

Step 7:

  • Install the 5 amp fuse into the fuse boat.
  • Switch on the battery.

Take advantage of the fantastic LED illumination after ensuring all the wires are connected correctly.