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Bed Cover for Tacoma

A guide to the many kinds of tonneau covers will undoubtedly be helpful to you as you're considering your alternatives. In this blog post, we'll review the fundamentals of tonneau covers, the top truck bed cover styles, and their benefits and drawbacks, and then assist you in weighing your options. We can help you in locating the ideal tonneau covers for your requirements!

What are the Benefits of a Tonneau Cover?

For most vehicle owners, purchasing a tonneau cover is an obvious choice. They help you get more mileage out of your truck and have several advantages. Additionally, there are so many tonneau alternatives available that anyone can discover one that suits their unique requirements. The following are some of the most prevalent justifications for tonneau covers' value:

  1. Protection for your cargo: Snow, sun, and rain can all damage your goods. Investing in a tonneau cover that can safely and securely store your belongings would be better than letting your items wear out soon.
  2. Keep everything clean: It differs from what you want to cope with a truck bed covered in leaves, mud, or dust. Leave the natural world outside of your truck and away from your goods.
  3. Enhanced security: Prying eyes and would-be burglars also pose a genuine threat to your possessions. With a tonneau cover, you can keep your camping supplies out of sight and out of mind and stop worrying about someone taking them.
  4. Organization: To avoid arriving at your destination with a disorganized truck bed, tonneau covers can help you keep your stuff in position and well-organized.

Things to Look for in a Toyota Tacoma Bed Cover:

  • Easy to use: We advise searching for a tonneau that requires no drilling or other tools, can be rapidly placed, and can be readily removed when necessary. Another benefit to consider is the ability to install it on your own.
  • Versatility: You don't want your tonneau cover to be unrestricted because there is a lot you can carry in your truck bed. A cover that can be moved out of the way, or better yet, expanded to cover the enormous objects you are carrying, is what you desire. Before you can tote anything significant, some styles must be eliminated. That reduces the truck bed cover's versatility and may result in less use.
  • Warranty: Your tonneau will undoubtedly be put through its paces, so the last thing you want to worry about is an unexpected malfunction that renders it unusable. It is advisable to seek manufacturers with a robust warranty against tonneau faults, even if they appear years after your purchase. 
  • Ruggedness: Certain tones are constructed with long-term durability in mind. Seek for water resistance, sturdy materials, and fine craftsmanship that can tolerate minor abrasion.
  • Security: A tonneau with strong fasteners that discourage thieves from attempting to take simple targets should be chosen since it can conceal your items from view. 
  • Budget: Toneaus can cost anywhere from a few hundred to two thousand dollars. Fortunately, you can get a truck bed cover that will last years without spending a fortune.

Different Types of Tacoma Truck Bed Covers

Things get interesting here because there are many different styles and cover options. You don't have to get lost in a sea of evaluations to select a tonneau you'll adore. You can divide them into a few basic categories based on their style. You can assess which truck bed coverings suit your lifestyle after knowing the many tonneau coverings and their benefits and drawbacks.

Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Roll-up tonneau covers, which come in two varieties—soft and hard—are among the most popular designs and are frequently composed of soft materials. Most roll-up tonneau covers consist of soft vinyl and attach to the tonneau using velcro on the sides. Some of the more durable roll-up truck bed covers are composed of lightweight aluminum or rigid plastic slats. 


  • Some can offer good security: While roll-up tonneau covers are available in many materials, some are composed of vinyl-covered aluminum slats. They frequently can sustain light weight on top, are often resistant to tearing, and occasionally lock.
  • Roll out of the way of large items: You may roll this cover up to the bulkhead and secure it with a tie if you're transporting tall or oddly shaped cargo. It is comparable to the following kind: a folding tonneau cover.


  • Obstructed view: Because tonneau covers are bulky, they may obstruct your vision of your back when rolled up.
  • Soft rolling covers need to be more solid: Soft roll-up tonneau coverings are less durable than rigid ones. When snow or rain pools on top of them, they could be susceptible to sagging. Additionally, while driving, the velcro sides often wear down quickly.

The Drive has a fantastic list of the top roll-up tonneau covers, with options for hard and soft materials at various pricing points.

Folding Tonneau Covers

Truck bed covers that fold often feature three or four panels, while tri-folds are the most common design. Tonneau coverings can also be made of hard or soft materials. You can fold the panels out of the way to expose part or all of your truck bed or leave them all down, covering the bed. 


  • Lots of options: Plenty of manufacturers are producing this model, and it is available in various materials, so your options for styles are unrestricted. You can choose a folding truck bed cover that fits your budget. There are options available, from a cheap soft cover to a more expensive aluminum panel cover.
  • Easy to use: Employing some of the most excellent tri-fold tonneau covers can be simple. If you want complete access to your truck bed, you must fold up and tie down the panels. Nonetheless, installing a folding tonneau will still require two persons.


  • Less water resistant: These could have moving elements and folding places that let water seep into your truck's bed. As they age, this is especially true.
  • Heavy and expensive: Hard folding covers may be more costly than others. Additionally, they weigh more, which makes installation and removal more difficult.

Are you trying to find the best tonneau cover that folds up? Given its strength and capacity to support up to 300 pounds of weight, the BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover is a highly recommended option that you may want to look into. The range of prices is $800 to $1,000.

Retractable Tonneau Covers

When a button is pressed, retractable truck bed covers automatically open and close. They can be left in open or closed positions and work with minimal effort.


  • Effortless opening and closing: This tonneau cover operates by simply touching a button. This can work well if you're searching for a low-effort solution. They often have a sleek appearance.
  • Partial truck bed coverage: If you have a large item that prevents these covers from closing, you can leave them partially open.


  • Retractable tongs made of steel or aluminum with an electric motor can cost more due to their materials and features.
  • Takes up space in your truck bed: The storage canister for this cover will take up some room directly behind your cab, even when fully retracted. You should remove a retractable tonneau if the cargo you need to haul fills the entire truck bed.

Single-piece solid Tonneau Covers

One-piece, hinged truck bed covers are attached to your vehicle's cab side by side. Since these are typically composed of sturdy, long-lasting fabrics, they are regarded as the most robust covers. Fibreglass covers are a good option for truck beds. They provide a painted look that matches your vehicle's body. This gives your truck a sleek appearance.


  • Sleek appearance: If these tonneau are made of fiberglass and painted to match your truck, they may appear to be an extension of it.
  • Super secure: Added security can be obtained using built-in locks, often in solid tonneau covers.


  • Installation is no joke: These are heavy and need to be installed with the help of several persons or possibly a tiny crane.
  • Hard to remove: Similar to installation, removal requires much work. You must remove the tonneau cover when hauling a huge item because it can't be left open. These are the most excellent tonneau coverings for efficiently transporting big or tall objects.
  • Expensive: A few thousand dollars is what you should budget for one of these tones, and possibly more if you want factory-match paint.

Snap-on Tonneau Covers

Snap-on tonneau covers are basic covers for trucks. They have an aluminum frame that attaches to the bed rails and a vinyl cover that snaps onto the frame. Although most pickup truck owners do not choose these soft truck bed covers, they can be an excellent option to test out for a brief period if you need something that works well but is less expensive.


  • Affordable: Usually, snap-on covers are the most affordable option available. 
  • Easy to use: To access your truck bed, snap or unsnap the portion of the cover that needs to be removed.


  • Not very weatherproof: There are spaces where water can enter your truck bed because these are only partially fastened to the frame.
  • Not heavy duty: These are short-lasting, soft tonneau covers, often composed of thin vinyl.
  • It can be challenging to use: Vinyl tends to contract throughout the cold. If you take it off to fit something significant inside the bed, it might be impossible to snap the cover back on. 

Expandable Tonneau Covers

This is the newest cover, and Sawtooth is the only company authorized to produce it. The issue of goods that need protection yet are positioned above your bed rails is resolved with expandable tonneaus. They won't break the bank, too.


  • Protects the broadest range of cargo: Big and tall loads are not protected by any other type of tonneau. Wrap the cover over the object to transport it, such as a kayak, and feel confident knowing it is securely fastened from the elements. This is what sets this tonneau cover apart from the rest.
  • Sturdy, durable, and warranted: Compared to other soft coverings in the market, the Ledlightjeep STRETCH tonneau is approximately seven times thicker, thanks to a proprietary cloth. Its lifetime limited warranty remains intact even if it comes into contact with your gear, unlike other sorts. Even when your truck is dirty, its matte black finish keeps it looking sleek and tidy.
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