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Jeep LED Turn Signals

How To Install Led Turn Signal Lights & Side Marker Lights On A Jeep Wrangler JL JT

Are you attempting to install side and signal lights on your Wrangler JL JT Jeep? DIY projects are the easiest and most economical to complete. You can complete the installation like an expert by following the systematic directions in the article below! Please continue reading to learn more as we walk you through the procedure!

Materials and Tools for the Task

To finish the job, a few tools and supplies are needed for the installation process. What you'll need for the task is listed below!

  1. New turn signal lights
  2. Side marker lights
  3. Wiring connectors
  4. A screwdriver
  5. Pliers
  6. Electrical tape
  7. A wire stripper
  8. Multimeter (to test the wiring)

Selecting premium components and materials for your Wrangler JL JT jeep is essential to guarantee top performance. These components were made especially for your car. You can purchase these parts from a respected vendor well-known for its high-quality and long-lasting goods, or that is well-trusted in the community.

Uninstalling the Old Lights

It is necessary to remove the existing lights without causing any damage to your jeep to install the new ones. Allow us to lead you through the procedures required to complete the assignment!

  • Disconnect the light fixtures' wire from the battery connector to begin.
  • To loosen the clips or unscrew any screws keeping the lights in place, use pliers and a screwdriver.
  • Use extreme caution when using the pliers or screwdriver to avoid scratching the jeep's exterior.
  • You can take safety measures to prevent harm. For example, you may cover the space around the lights with a sheet or soft towel.
  • To help you recall their locations, permanently remove the screws one after the other. The clips work in the same way.
  • Once all the screws and clips are removed, you now have to take out the light.

Installing the replacement signal and side marker lights is the next step that needs to be done after removing the light.

You can securely and successfully remove the old lights and get ready for the new ones to be installed by following these procedures.

Wiring the New Lights

While it may appear a little tricky initially, connecting the new lights to your Wrangler's power source is not difficult. This is the method for correctly wiring the lights without any problems!


  • Examine the wiring within your jeep and note which wires need to be connected from the new light to the jeep's connectors.
  • The most effective methods for wiring the lights are to consult the car's handbook or obtain a wiring schematic for the Wrangler JL JT jeep before beginning the work.
  • Typically, the positive wire must be linked to the appropriate circuits in your jeep, and the ground wire must be connected to the vehicle's chassis. Note: Confirm the vehicle's model in advance to prevent any issues.
  • Use electrical tape to keep the wiring in place and guard against any potential damage. Additionally, electrical tape secures the wire and inhibits it from coming loose.
  • To ensure a safe and effective connection, you must use a wire stripper to remove any excess insulation from the wires.

How do you install the New Lights?

The last stage in the procedure is to install the new side marker and turn the signal lights. First, pick a position and fasten the lights using screws or clips. Before tightening the lights, ensure they are correctly aligned and adjust as needed.

We advise double-checking the alignment and tightening the screws or clips to ensure a long-lasting, secure installation. You can also use silicone or sealants to make a waterproof seal around the lights and keep water out.

Testing the Lights

So far, so good; the installation of those lights was well done. It's time for you to test them. Here's how to check the lights successfully to ensure they're operating as intended!

  1. Turn on the car and examine each light separately. Light each one individually, and keep a record of all the lights.
  2. Verify again that the side marker lights are on and the turn lights are flashing correctly.
  3. There are two potential causes if the lights aren't working properly:
  • Problem with the wiring or connection.
  • The lights may have a fault or problem.

4. You can use a multimeter to investigate the problem and find any loose wire ends.

5. It is preferable to speak with a professional if you still need to diagnose the issue or find a solution instead of trying several approaches to worsen the problem.

Here are some Pro tips to keep in mind

Here are some pointers to help you avoid serious issues when installing anything and with any related operations. Let's illuminate them a bit!

  • Get the vehicle's handbook or wiring diagram ahead of time to ensure a perfect completion of the procedure.
  • Get the appropriate tools for the work, such as wire strippers, screwdrivers, and pliers.
  • Ensure you unplug the battery to avoid causing electrical damage to the car.
  • Never attempt to expedite a procedure or complete an installation quickly. It's possible to omit certain vital stages or misconnect the wires.
  • Invest in LED lights instead of incandescent ones because they consume less energy and have a longer lifespan.
  • It is best to get professional assistance and prevent a more significant loss if you need clarification about the installation procedure.

Final Thoughts

You have successfully improved the Jeep Wrangler JL JT's appearance, functionality, and road safety once you install turn signal and side marker lights. By following the instructions in the article, you can ensure that the necessary safety measures are taken when installing the lights on your Wrangler JT JL jeep.

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